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Free First Responders Resource Guide for Seabird Emergencies

Sea Bird Rescue

Follow the link to the Australian Seabird Rescue Policies and Procedures

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Free Seabird Emergencies 101 and learn how you can help and avoid common injuries

Sea Bird rescue release at the beach

Our Training Programs

Seabirds, shorebird and sea turtles are impacted by environmental pollution and often need to be rescued. ASR offers first responders training courses and guides you through the safe capture, handling, transport and triage of seabirds, shorebirds, sea snakes and sea turtles.

Often the first people on the scene for fishing entanglements are active fishers who simply do not know what to do when entanglement occurs and will just cut the line and let the animal free with hook and line still attached. #dontcuttheline is a campaign launched in 2021 to create awareness for marine life being impacted by fishing tackle. In correlation with our existing training courses we are now offering mobile training to fishing clubs to learn best practice and not to cut the line when accidentally entangling marine life.

Participants receive the ASR first responders guide book, Seabird Pocket ID , become a member of ASR and a certificate of completion of the workshop..